Academy uniform

The academy uniform is formal and is clearly defined and we expect all students to wear it correctly with pride. It is expected that all students will wear the uniform unless there is a valid medical or cultural reason why a student cannot wear a particular item or why they have to wear an additional garment. Any student refusing to wear the correct uniform will be withdrawn from lessons until the matter is rectified.

For details of the Downham Market Academy Sixth Form dress code, please click here.

Uniform specifications

Our uniform consists of:

  • Blazer – black, single breasted with academy badge – these must be worn at all times
  • Coat – plain black; these should be removed before entering classrooms
  • Shirt – white, collared – buttoned to neck (short or long sleeved)
  • Tie – academy house colour, neatly knotted to cover top button and reaching waistband
  • Jumper – from official uniform supplier; black V neck with academy badge (no alternative is acceptable)
  • Trousers (boys/girls) – from official uniform supplier; black, tailored trousers, not tight fitting/stretchy/denim or
  • Skirt (girls) – from official uniform supplier; black, worn at knee length
  • Belt (if needed) – plain black, with discreet plain buckle
  • Socks (boys/girls) – black or
  • Tights (girls) – plain neutral or plain black (not patterned/footless/leggings)
  • Shoes – plain black shoes

For sports, outdoor and dance activities, students must wear appropriate selections from the following:

  • Polo/rugby shirt – from official uniform supplier; in your academy house colour, with academy badge
  • Shorts/tracksuit bottoms (boys/girls) – plain black or
  • Skirt (girls) – plain black
  • Rugby/football socks – plain black
  • Indoor trainers (boys/girls) or
  • Studded boots (boys)/outdoor trainers (girls)
  • Gum shields (rugby and hockey)/shin guards (football and hockey)
  • Fitted t-shirt/leggings/tracksuit bottoms (dance) – plain black

The following clothing is not permitted:

  • Boots, suede shoes, stiletto heels, sling back shoes, sandals
  • Pumps/sports shoes, open-backed/open-toed shoes
  • Hooded tops
  • Sports caps, patterned or designer hats

Other aspects of personal presentation and belongings (jewellery, make-up, mobile phones, etc.)


Hair must be a natural colour and of a moderate style; extreme hairstyles are not permitted. Designs shaved into the hair are not permitted.


Plain silver or gold studs, measuring no more than 1cm, may be worn as a matching pair with one stud in each earlobe. No other facial or body piercings are permitted. Retainers or tunnels are also not acceptable.

Students are not permitted to wear hand or foot jewellery, such as rings, bracelets or necklaces. Students wearing these will be instructed to remove them; refusal to do so will result in the item being confiscated.


Students should not wear make-up to the academy; however, if used discreetly this will be permitted at the discretion of the tutors – students wearing too much will be asked to remove it. Nail varnish and tattoos are  not permitted under any circumstances.

Purchasing uniform

Uniform is available to purchase from Stratfords in King’s Lynn. Details for ordering can be found on the order form which can be downloaded here.