Headteacher’s Blog #1 08/09/2017

• It was lovely to introduce myself and welcome all staff back this week. Staff have been in school all week learning about the new Trust approach to behaviour and teaching & learning, working in faculties, developing teaching & learning approaches and resources.

• As you will have seen over the summer we received our A level and GCSE results. The A level results were the best in a long time and we are pleased all students got what they needed. We wish them all the best whatever they have chosen to do. The percentage of students who gained a Level 4 in English and maths increased from the previous year by 10%. Whilst this is encouraging, we will be working hard this year to make the results even better next year.

• Having analysed our results and looked very carefully at what worked well, it is clear that students who have excellent attendance, complete homework effectively and attend all the intervention lessons and revision sessions are those who perform well. We will be working with students to support them with these additional aspects of school life and ask that you as parents can help us with this. In the next few weeks we will be having our “How to Help Your Child” evenings; please do come along as they provide a real insight into what happens in school and how we can work together. The first evening is 5-6pm Tuesday 26 September for Year 12 parents/carers – we look forward to seeing you there.

• The first Parent Forum will be Wednesday 4 October 5-6pm. This is an opportunity for parents/ carers to raise any queries / reflections they have about what is happening in school; everyone is very welcome to attend. However, if you do have any questions before then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

• Year 12 mathematics students; our recommended calculator for the new mathematics AS/A-Level is the Casio fx-991EX (also known as Classwiz). These retail anywhere from £20-£30 but, please be wary buying from EBay/Amazon and similar as these may be imported versions and may differ slightly.